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Tyger Burning is a waste of world-building.

The first chapter? It was superb. Then here comes the MC who is supposedly a veteran of a war and hiding his “super-aware” status from the Americans. He is supposedly mature but devolves into a clueless and naive teenager that tells any random people about his special status at the drop of a hat. All for the sake of exposition and just to drive home how “special” the author’s avatar really is. And, then there’s the “romance.” For pete’s sake.🙄 Urgh. For supposed old-hands on violence, they act like teens. I expected them to be jaded and not offering their personal history to all they meet. Self preservation and caution, where art thou?!

I like Desjani in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet and Marko Kloos’ Halley because they are actually useful and professionals. They are duty first before libido. Because they actually care not to kill the people around them. As expected of people part of any military. These characters in Tyger Burning are supposed to be jaded ex-soldiers, where’s the “jaded” part?

Children of a Dead Earth series

I started reading Patrick S. Tomlinson’s Children of a Dead Earth series and here’s a complaint: How the heck can the majority of a population living for more than two centuries in a generation ship remain straight as an arrow?! The MC may be straight but to assume that the rest are also is just showing the author’s prejudices. Detective MC asks for the missing person’s love life and he asks for “girl troubles.” It is like when a centuries old immortal humanoids are always “straight.”

2nd Complaint: The author seems to support and portray idiot dissidents as heroes. They live in a sophisticated and fragile fishbowl of a ship and these idiots complain about not being given the choice to birth naturally and even against family planning. On an environment that can malfunction and go micro g (how can a pregnant person deal with that?) or can’t afford to waste resources. They are effing idiots.

Complaint: Sci-Fi Mil Novels

I’m reading Joel Dane’s Cry Pilot and half of it is so disturbingly a YA “romance” made by a teenager. It makes me want to bash my head on the nearest wall. That, or have my eyes pop out with the amount of eye-rolling I do while reading it. I can’t fault the world-building, it is fantastic. But, geez, why is the supposedly with a tragic past MC obsessing on this Rana BS? For a character, supposedly, angsting over getting a lot of people killed and trying to atone for it, he seems like a wet-behind-his-ears tween that is trying his best to pull the pigtails of his crush. You expect this kind of character to get spaced in military sci-fi and not the frigging MC.

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